Timber Fencing Ideas

December 9, 2019

Three of the best rural timber fencing ideas for your property

Rural properties often need fencing in order to keep livestock within the boundaries, protect vegetation, and provide privacy. If you require rural fencing, there are some excellent timber fencing ideas available that can help you create the perfect boundary. Here are three of the best rural fencing ideas for your property.

Colonial Round 3 rail Fencing

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Each timber beam has it’s own character, its own texture, grain and colour. If you’re looking for timber fencing for the front of your rural property then this beauty is for you. The Colonial Round 3 rail rural fence is the ultimate in rural style. Leave it bare for that natural look that blends into its surroundings, or our “statement black” finish, the choice is yours. This fence will also lend itself to having mesh installed if keeping smaller animals contained. Having a custom made automated rural gates installed at the same time of the fence, allows you to match the gate and the fence if being painted perfectly, allowing both to age at the same rate.

Morticed Post and Rail Fencing

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An eye-catching timber fence with its rails passing through the centre of the post instead of being bolted to the outside of the post, this method of fence building has stood the test of time. Aesthetically beautiful and integrating into the surrounding environment, this very strong and robust fence will transform your front boundary into something truly special. An automated custom-made double swing hardwood gate, completes the rural lifestyle look and feel of your property beautifully. The hardwood gates can be manually operated or fully automated, the choice is yours.

Traditional hardwood rails with netting

This style timber fencing ticks all the boxes, with Pine or Hardwood posts and 1, 2  or 3 rail rural fence with a custom double swing automatic rural gate creates that beautiful rustic appeal for your Australian rural property. No power at the gate, no worries, you can include a front gate solar panel  that will solve the problem of having no power to the front gate, and allowing you with a push of a button to remain warm and dry on those cold winter days.

1 or 2 rails with Netting or Wire

timber fencing ideas

Timber fencing is an excellent choice for equine fencing, one top hardwood rail with as many strands of wire that is required, provides secure and safe horse pasture fencing. Electric standoffs can be added to the fence to further insure their safety and also to protect the fence from being eaten. And if your stock is on the shorter side, mesh can also be incorporated into this fence design to add extra control, and of course more rails can be added if required.


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