Horse Shelters and stables

March 20, 2020

What are my options for Horse Shelters and Stables

Owners should consider horse shelters and stables for their horse's health and comfort. These horse shelters and stables provide a safe haven from the sun, rain, wind, and heat. A run-in horse shelter and stable can be simple yet effective, offering protection for your horse and a clean, dry place to feed and store hay. It is a great investment that ensures your horse's well-being and comfort in all weather conditions.

horse shelters and stables


Horse Shelters Stables

When deciding on the size and location of a horse shelter, it's important to consider the number of horses that will be using it. For instance, a single shelter would be sufficient for two horses that get along well. However, if one of the horses is dominant, this may not work as it could prevent the other horse from accessing the shelter. Therefore, it's important to ensure that the shelter is large enough to accommodate all horses comfortably and that the location allows easy access for all horses.

Horse Paddock Shelters, can be something so simple as a lean to, providing 4-way access, right through to a more substantial structure providing maximum protection from the elements. For more information and examples of horse paddock shelter designs you can view our horse paddock shelter designs

Along with paddock field shelters, Stockworx can also do a stable fitout to refurbish existing shedding or barn structures on your property. From initial concept right through to the finished stable block, Stockworx will handle the entire process.

Custom Stable Fitouts


paddock shelters

Our stable fitouts can range from the most basic, right through to elaborate, with many added features and accessories to choose from.

  • Automatic Water (irrigation not included)
  • Rubber Lined Walls
  • Rubber Flooring
  • In wall feeders
  • Day runs off the structure
  • Kitchenette's, laundries and tack rooms
  • Wash Bays
  • External tack and grooming areas
  • Civil Works


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