Horse Paddock Shelters - Do i need one ?

December 9, 2019

paddock shelters
In hot summer climates such as Australia, horses need some form of protection from the weather, storms, rain, wind and heat, allowing free access to horse paddock shelters allows the horse to decide if they want to escape from the weather.

The direction of the paddock shelter should be a main consideration, we don’t want the opening of the shelter to be facing into the hot afternoon sun, giving little to no shade in the afternoon as the sun invades most of the shelter.

free standing horse shelter

The horse paddock shelter, also needs to be large enough that the horse isn’t having to stand close to that wall that’s taking all the heat, or you should consider possibly insulating that wall to reduce the heat, and depending on materials that wall will get very hot to touch on the inside. Also wind and for rain, drainage, the last thing you want is for the paddock shelter to be flooded.

A horse is strong and often demanding and hard on physical structures, materials need to be selected for their purpose, strength and durability. The shelter must not only withstand the environment but also the daily use by your horse.

double horse walk in paddock shelters

Optional accessories can be installed into all paddock shelters, for safety and functionality

  • Rubber Lined Walls
  • Structural black waterproof ply
  • Built in automatic water (irrigation not included)
  • Rotating feed hatches

If you are looking to install horse paddock shelters on your property feel free to reach out to us for more information on designs and options, we can of course build to your requirements and budget.

Designed by Dunjoko Designs
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