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December 9, 2019

Convert your barn or shed into stables with a stable fitout

Having access to stables for your horses provides peace of mind that you have somewhere secure and safe that you can move your horse to if needed. Illness, forced confinement or just plain bad weather all pose a safety risk to our horses and ourselves, this is where having a few stables ready comes in very handy. We can assess your existing structure and advise if a stable fitout is achievable.

However, not all horse owners can afford the elaborate stable complexes that we dream about and just have to make so with what’s available, and sometimes it’s that very tired old-looking shed or barn that we find ourselves trying to use as stables for our horses. However, by using that old barn are we putting our horses in more harm than it’s worth? To keep your horses safe a stable fitout could be the solution to your problems.

With a stable fitout or refurbishment that shed or barn could be given a new lease of life, and transformed into a functional and useful building on your property again. With custom stable fit-outs, we can start with your concept, and design your stables to suit your requirements and available space.

Using Pre-fabricated steel frames for each stable, that can be fixed to your existing building walls, and trusses to provide extra support enables us to easily convert your existing shed or barn. Finish the stables off with our custom-made, doors, windows and stable panelling, and your stable fit-out is complete.

Space allowing, optional extras can be added, such as feed rooms, tack rooms, and wash bays, and with all our custom stable fit-outs, the finer details such as rotating feed bins, automatic watering systems, rubber lined walls and floors can also be added as you require. So, you can take something old and run down and turn it into something rather spectacular if you want.

Case Study – Converted shed to stables Pitt Town NSW

We transformed this tired old shed, into a new living space for our client's horses. Complete with 3 stables and a tack room. The existing concrete was extended well beyond the awning to provide a nice clean area to get to and from the wash bay.

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