Exceptional Rural Gates and Entrances

December 9, 2019
exceptional rural gates and entrances
Our Custom-designed rural gates and entrances complete the rural lifestyle property. Combining the natural beauty of Australian Hardwood timber with functionality.
 All our gates and entrances are handmade at our premises, and are custom-made to suit your requirements, from a simple farm gate through to a double timber automated entrance we have a solution to suit all rural properties.
Generally, our rural gates and entrances are addressed in the overall construction package, so when building your fence normally the entrance would be completed at the same time.
paddock gates
Some of the options that you may want to include are: 
  • Farm gates
  • Custom-made black powder-coated gates
  • Custom Hardwood Gates
  • Single-leaf and double-leaf opening gates.
  • Solar or Electric Gate Automation
  • Swing Gates
  • Cantilever Gates 
  • Sliding Gates

 Case Study - Evans - Kurrajong NSW

The new owners of this property were keen to make a statement at the front of this property with Post and 3 rail fencing, lovely custom Stockworx hand-crafted timber gates, automated of course, along with a separate entry for the shed. The fencing had to be dog-safe and provide a secure area at the same time. 
Fortunately, and with the assistance of the vendors, we were able to complete the works before the new owners took possession.
As with many properties, it is important to check the actual survey points for boundary markers. This is somewhat more critical at the end of the cul-de-sac where tangent points are not immediately clear. This brings me to the other important point, which is checking for underground services, Telstra, gas, electricity, water etc etc.  In this case, had we not insisted on a professional third party to investigate the location of such services, the owner may have been liable for significant damage to the same, had we put posts where the owner thought it was safe to do so.
Remember, it's far cheaper to locate services before the commencement of digging, than when you are digging!
All in all, we were able to work the existing piers and infrastructure into place, resulting in a stunning front entrance, gorgeous new entry gates and a secure front yard for the dogs to play!
Designed by Dunjoko Designs
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